Literally the book on customer success for msps by marnie stockman

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Here's what Customer Success could look like:

image of segmentation graphs in lifecycle insights customer success platform
Lifecycle Insights Customer Success module gives you quick insights (in color!) to help you take action to help your clients
image of stack alignment page in Lifecycle Insights customer success module
See insights into your opportunities with Stack Alignment reporting
Define and score your clients health to have up to date insights.

Ready to move from pencil/paper to a spreadsheet? Click here for the sheet to calculate your health metrics.


Customer Relationship Management system

Cut Scores

Predefined values that allow platforms to generate ranges of values to color based on expected levels (ie. red = 0-50%, yellow = 51-75%, green = 76-100% so the "cut scores" are 50 and 75)


Customer Satisfaction scores typically acquired upon ticket completion


Net Promoter Scores are a service industry metric to capture a customer's health as indicated by their response to "how likely are you to recommend our service to others?"