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MSP - What would you like to do?

pie chart (presales) gear (prep QBR) dollars (deliver value) bar graph (assess progress)

We've got you covered

Set Baseline

Pre-sales assessment or establish risk/Policies

Provide your prospect with a quick standards/alignment assessment to show them how your MSP will add value. For existing customers, completely customize assessments to target their needs (compliance, policy, alignment, industry standards,…). This vCIO practice will help you partner strategically with your clients and grow your business and protect theirs. Establish client policies on warranty and asset end of life replacement. This not only helps their technology but allows for value-add budget forecasting.

Prep QBR

Stay on track

  • Every client deserves a business review (although they don’t all need to be quarterly). The business review scheduler allows you to plan your reviews according to your clients needs. 
  •  Know your data quality score for each client and improve it with integrations to ConnectWise Manage, ITGlue, Datto’s Autotask, Syncro and warranty look-ups (Dell, Lenovo, HP…)
  • Get a dashboard view of your overall client health and technology needs including missing data, asset end of life health, budget projects and latest assessment results

Deliver Value

Quick insights - maximum impact


Automated sync of client data. Quick to update and customize by client, asset type or individual asset. Stop cobbling together this data from spreadsheets. This integrated view gives you instant access.

Quality asset reporting

Provide your clients an exec friendly formatted report aligned to their needs. Filter by location or color health status to provide instant value. With accurate data and color coding, execs can become proactive and QBRs move from tactical to strategic.

user reporting

Saving your clients money is an instant win with an Office 365 summary. Fully integrated with CW Manage/IT Glue and O365, you can see available licenses and user reporting details.

Assess Risk (and Progress)

Keep your clients in alignment

  • Completely customizable assessments
  • Track alignment to your stack or industry standards
  • Adjustable rating scales – more than just a yes/no 
  • Comparative analytics – track progress over time and help your clients “get the red out”
  • Ability to share assessments with other MSPs or copy one from the community to use for your clients

Smarter, faster insights

Problem. Solved.

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