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5 Tips for Developing Offensive and Defensive Security

Lifecycle Insights believes a rising tide lifts all ships. Our friends at Huntress does this not just with their services but with their education around best practices in cybersecurity. We invited them to help educate our audience with some tips around offense and defense in cybersecurity.

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3 Things you need to know about Asset Lifecycle Management in 2022

Cybersecurity Liability insurance policies and compliance standards require businesses to follow best practices around asset lifecycle management. Let’s answer the 3 most pressing questions.
What is asset lifecycle management?
Why should small businesses care?
What are the best practices around asset lifecycle management?

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Is your QBR down with SOP?

“Process will set you free.” That is, once you master a task, you will be stuck performing it until such time as your build a process or procedure that will allow someone else to perform that task.

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Helping MSPs on Offense and Defense

The best defense is a good offense .

Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.

In wildcard week in the NFL, you will hear these phrases out of every sports announcer. It is the chicken and egg analogy that does not just play out on the gridiron.
Yesterday I had the same discussion about offense and defense for MSP’s.

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3 Steps to Stack Alignment

How do your clients stack up? As an MSP, your tool stack is really the DNA of your business. It includes all of the tools you trust, understand, support, and troubleshoot.

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Customer Success is not the same as Customer Experience


As a former math teacher, when I first saw this equation, it spoke to me. I ran across it as I was doing research for the book Literally: The Book on Customer Success for MSPs. Gainsight, an industry leader in customer success tracking for SaaS companies, had used this to demonstrate why Customer Success is way more than Customer Experience. In a world of increasingly commoditized technology offerings, this is even truer for MSPs.

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5 Stats Proving Customer Success is a Must for MSPs

The numbers are in: A Customer Success program is a must!

In a world where many of the assets and services around technology are commoditized, customer success IS the value that managed service providers bring to the table. True Customer Success delivers value to clients by driving growth and progress toward their business goals.

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The Link between Transparency and Customer Success

Ever have that moment when someone says something that really hits home – mostly because they used fewer words to plainly state something you’ve felt all along? Those moments really stick with me – like the time one of my peer group members said, “do what’s right and the profits will follow”. I had always felt that way, but was never able to say it so succinctly.

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Users: How and what we should measure

Measuring the health of your security awareness program can be tricky. There are many methods you can use to measure the effectiveness of your program and there are virtually infinite metrics you can pull out and interpret in different ways.

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