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Need more sales? Ask the right questions

Here they are! Click the download for our Default Assessment Template. 


Baseline Risk exposure

Provide your prospect with a quick standards/alignment assessment to show them how your MSP will add value. For existing customers, completely customize assessments to target their needs (compliance, policy, alignment, industry standards,…). This vCIO practice will help you partner strategically with your clients and grow your business and protect theirs. 

  • Track alignment to your stack or industry standards
  • Adjustable rating scales – more than just a yes/no 
  • Comparative analytics – track progress over time and help your clients “get the red out”
  • Download pre-built templates or build your own


Evaluate Business Risk

  • Every client deserves a business review (although they don’t all need to be quarterly). The business review scheduler allows you to plan your reviews according to your clients needs. 
  • Establish client policies on warranty and asset end of life replacement. This not only helps their technology but allows for value-add budget forecasting.
  • Prep your QBR in minutes instead of hours with exec friendly reports
qbr reports
Build your QBR reports and feed a budget forecast to present strategy to your client


Build projects to address risk/needs


Show improvement & Your Value

A comparison assessment will allow you to show the improvement your services have provided to your client. This not only enhances your strategic partnership but ensures your clients will see your value and schedule their next review.

Cross Client Analytics

The best in the business

Your vCIO process brings value to your clients. Our MSP reporting gives you data analytics across your entire client base for instant insights around:

  • Data quality
  • Ad hoc asset queries
  • Microsoft 365 licensing
  • QBR scheduling
  • Project Roadmaps

Allowing you to visualize your sales opportunities.


Smarter, faster insights

Problem. Solved.

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What our partners say about us

Lifecycle finally brings a simple, user-friendly tool to the account management process for MSP’s that brings lots of information to your fingertips without having to wade through all your data.
We selected Lifecycle Insights because I thought it would cut down on the time spent preparing for regular client meetings. Not only has it saved me time, it also enables me to provide more useful asset and budget reports than any tool we’ve used before. Thanks LCI!
I’ve rarely see a software company so rapidly responsive to feature requests. We’re excited about the time we expect to save as we replace our current process of budgeting via spreadsheets and exports from multiple systems