“Preparedness lies somewhere between panic and complacency.”

While there are a great deal of uncertains out there, there are some givens. We know that businesses were quickly thrown into work from home situations and that technology is helping us forge our way. MSPs will continue to lead businesses in terms of reducing risk/exposure and developing policies and procedures to allow for business continuity now and in the future. Here are some tools to get us started:


Click here to download a sample agenda for the “next” client meeting. It will be critical to see which new risks have been introduced and circle the wagons on assets.

Click here to download a typical QBR agenda. This falls into the future category for when a business has established a new normal.

Sharpen your pencils and take a close look at these Top 10 questions for MSPs to consider in an unstable economy.

Here is a mock assessment taken by our own MSP. Doing this type of assessment on your own business can help keep you focused on moving the business forward.

Link to the article around mindset: Leadership Mindset Matters Most in a Crisis

Here is a link to the 8 item assessment that can be used to assess a client’s readiness for work from home.

Here is a link to the CDC pandemic preparation checklist for businesses.

Here is a pdf download for CISA’s (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) risk management checklist specific to coronavirus.

Download this word doc that is a sample internal assessment for MSPs to perform on their own business.

Sample telework agreement provided by eTop Technology to provide for staff remote employees.