About Us

The Problem

Lifecycle insights was founded by an MSP and a team of problem solvers. The problem the MSP had was the hours the team spent manually cobbling together spreadsheets of asset lifecycle data for quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Alex Farling, a founding member of Lifecycle insights, decided to go a step farther and have conferences with other MSPs and peer groups. Damages were assessed and everyone was having the same problem. This issue dealt with QBR prep drastically limiting the number of strategic QBRs an MSP could do.

Farling took this problem into his own hands and created a pitch – not in a board room or in front of a live studio audience. It was on a video call with some technical friends who have an appetite for problem solving. That was the beginning of Lifecycle Insights. And so, began Lifecycle Insights’ mission to make the best darn asset lifecycle management tool on the market. This asset tool is now one of the most timesaving platforms for MSPs. 

And from that one problem, Lifecycle Insights has worked with its MSP vCIOs to create strategic asset reporting and assessments allowing them to truly partner with their clients – leading to sales and customer success.

We listen

We started Lifecycle Insights by listening to MSPs and we won’t stop now. Case in point our user report was an MSP request.

We Love data

We are passionate about helping you provide quality QBR reports. Not only do we present the data, but we aim to help you improve it!

We are flexible

And we believe your reporting should be as well. With best in class functionality for sorting, swatching and filtering, you get your reports your way.

We Keep It Simple

We get you up and running right away, and then we give you the power to customize based on your per-client rules.

Your QBR. Our Mission.

We Believe In delivering the insights you need

Our focus is to deliver you the insights you need to improve your QBR process and, therefore, your business and the businesses of your clients.

Want to share a problem we could solve for you? We would love to hear from you! Send us and email and let’s talk.