About Us

vCIO meets Customer Success ...Welcome Lifecycle Insights

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Alex Farling

Former MSP – Chief Customer Experience Officer – Passionate about automation, repeatable, scalable process (and volleyball)

Marnie Stockman

Former Customer Success Leader – Managing Partner – Passionate about solving problems, creating raving fans (and volleyball)

Marnie was looking for a problem to solve. Alex was a frustrated MSP. His office sign said: If you have to do something twice, automate it. Yet, he spent 7 hours “cobbling together” his QBR reports from his PSA, documentation platforms, spreadsheets, etc. Marnie and the development team had experience with enterprise reporting platforms. And so began Lifecycle Insights.

We would love to help you define, refine and scale your business review/vCIO process making it easy to sell to execs not techs. Lifecycle Insights will save you time, make you money and truly help you scale your process. Give us a shot – we guarantee you will be raving fans!


Our Core Values

  1. Raving Fans: Lifecycle Insights believes in growing Raving Fans with a customer experience above all. This looks like:
    • Positive and rapid responses/follow ups
    • True partnerships that we foster EVERYWHERE in the community
    • Agile development and communication
    • Personable at scale
  2. Growth: For everyone. We aim to give insights that will help MSPs scale and grow true partnerships to grow the value of Lifecycle Insights for the community.
  3. Transparency: We believe open communication is a critical element to trusted relationships. We strive to provide transparency in our processes, roadmap, and internal/external communications.
  4. GSD: We get sh*t done!
    • High value, low cost – easy and frictionless technology and interactions
    • Output focused to solve problems
  5. Right people, right seats: Our focused team consists of independent and innovative thinkers. Whether there is a goal or a problem to solve, the right people in the right seats own it and see it through.
  6. The Three Es: Lifecycle Insights aims to Educate through Engagement and Entertainment in the community. Our educational efforts should provide more value to the MSP community than our product ever will.

We listen

We started Lifecycle Insights by listening to MSPs and we won’t stop now. Case in point our user report was an MSP request.

We Love data

We are passionate about helping you provide quality QBR reports. Not only do we present the data, but we aim to help you improve it!

We are flexible

And we believe your reporting should be as well. With best in class functionality for sorting, swatching and filtering, you get your reports your way.

We Keep It Simple

We get you up and running right away, and then we give you the power to customize based on your per-client rules.

Your QBR. Our Mission.

We Believe In delivering the insights you need

Our focus is to deliver you the insights you need to improve your QBR process and, therefore, your business and the businesses of your clients.

Want to share a problem we could solve for you? We would love to hear from you! Send us and email and let’s talk.