Image of a hand pushing a button with the statement You down with S.O.P.

Is your QBR down with SOP?

“Process will set you free.” 

That is, once you master a task, you will be stuck performing it until such time as you build a process or procedure that will allow someone else to perform that task. So we have a question for you: Does your MSP have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Business Reviews (QBRs/SBRs/TBRs)? If not, preparing for QBRs can feel like a lead weight chained to the ankle of the CEO/vCIO.

picture of ball attached with a chain to a ladies ankle

We recently had a conversation with one of our Lifecycle Insights partners on his SOP for his SBRs (Strategic Business Reviews). Kevin Elsing of Team ELBO and his intern, Tanner, talked to us about their process, people and platforms that have helped them master QBRs.

Alex Farling, co-founder of Lifecycle Insights, had them walk through their entire QBR preparation, delivery and follow-up process. This included their assignment of roles for each step of the way. [Including bonus tips on how to find, onboard and utilize interns]

Watch the full conversation here: 

Don’t have a QBR SOP? We collaborated with Kevin and other amazing partners to create this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for turning QBR prep into a delegated, repeatable process. Feel free to make a geo-redundant, immutable backup copy of ours. Don’t reinvent the wheel – just customize it to make it fit the needs of your MSP.

Download ours here:

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