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Press Release: Lifecycle Insights launches AIR (Asset Insights Report)

The conversation around the importance of asset lifecycle management 

Here’s the wrong way to have it:

MSP: Are you concerned about asset lifecycle management?

Resistant client: No

*** End of Conversation***


Ooooorrrr we could try it this way…


MSP: How much would downtime impact your bottom line?

Client: Terribly

MSP: How much would a data breach embarrass your company or worse?

Client: Keeps me up at night

MSP: How much do unexpected expenses throw off your strategic business plan and budget?

Client: Oooof. I don’t want to talk about it.

MSP: Ok – then here is how we can help. Asset lifecycle management is a best practice (and required by all compliance frameworks and more and more cybersecurity insurance policies).

It addresses three areas:

Graph showing how the costs of leasing provides benefits over time
  1. It can help to make for consistent budgeting. “PCs managed through rotation leasing cost 24% less than PCs that are purchased outright.” (IDC whitepaper, DFS, 2017)

  2.  Out of date assets increase your chance of breach due to lack of ability to secure/patch/update the devices

  3. The alternative to regular asset management is to just be blind-sided with an expense and work outage every time as asset goes out on its own timeline

Studies actually have shown that implementing as asset lifecycle management or asset refresh policy can dramatically reduce those risks and actually flatten expenses over all of your budget cycles.

Lifecycle Insights has launched its new AIR (Asset Insights Report) module to help support MSPs in these conversations.

Having an easy to read data (in red, yellow, green) brings asset insights right to your clients. It reduces the technical to simple color-coded reporting.

Asset insights are only a small portion of what MSPs need to deliver to their clients. (Risk assessments, user reporting, budget forecasts, IT roadmaps and recommendations are a few others to name a few).

But it is often a large time sync for MSPs to do asset lifecycle management reporting manually. Lifecycle Insights already embedded warranty look-ups and asset lifecycle management in their vCIO tool. However, the team heard loud and clear that there was a need for a smaller subscription for just warranty look-ups, asset lifecycle management and scheduled reports. 

And so Lifecycle Insights released their AIR Module. For a flat rate of $79/month, MSPs can get unlimited warranty look-ups for Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft Surface, Cisco SmartNet and Meraki. These same features are already included in their full vCIO package. This module can be added on to the vCIO package to help MSPs expand into other clients or it can be purchased as a stand alone product. MSPs will need a primary data source to integrate into Lifecycle Insights (options: CW Manage, Autotask, HaloPSA, Syncro, or ITGlue).

In discussion with hundreds of MSPs, the team at Lifecycle Insights heard 3 things:

  1. No long term contract (deal – they are month to month)
  2. Unlimited reporting (you got it – unlimited companies, assets, users)
  3. A reasonable subscription cost (how’s this – flat rate $79/month)

Watch the video below to see if Lifecycle Insights can breathe a little AIR into your managed service business this spring. Reach out to info@lifecycleinsights.io anytime to schedule a 1-1 consultation. Or check out their full vCIO package at https://lifecycleinsights.io

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