The Makings of a Pirate

How your QBR helps with your AAARRR

     Every MSP – heck, every company – should set metrics around sales and customer success. From initial brand awareness to enthusiastic client referrals, growing a company means putting processes in place to positively impact your Pirate Metrics, or AAARRR (matey):

  1. Awareness
  2. Acquisition
  3. Activation
  4. Revenue
  5. Retention
  6. Referral

     QBRs (or SBRs/TBRs) done right grow your AAARRRs.

Let’s set sail on a customer journey in search of these Pirate Metrics

  1. Awareness:

As prospects look for an MSP who is a true strategic partner, how do you differentiate yourself? Show them the QBR they deserve and how you deliver. Download our free Key QBR Framework™ here.

2. Acquisition:

You might be asking yourself, how does a business review help me in presales? Your presales meetings should show your prospect what it is like to do business with you. Using a presales assessment that is a scaled down version of your QBR assessment has several benefits:

  1. It highlights their business pains/risks/exposures in exec-friendly red/yellow/green reporting.
  2. It connects their IT needs with their business pains.
  3. It allows you to establish a baseline and compare their technology health now to how it will improve once they are working with you.
  1. Activation (aka Onboarding)

You did a mini assessment in the sales cycle. Now you do the work that helped close the sale and set your cadence for ongoing business reviews (quarterly or otherwise). You show your value with comparison analytics that demonstrates their business programs (and technology health score) “going green.” The QBR becomes part of the process.

qbr reports
  1. Revenue:

By expanding on the assessment from presales, the business review meetings become sales meetings. ARR/MRR increases based on the adoption of more and more of your recommended products and tools. Plus you are showing the value of your MSP as you solve their business problems AND you make technology purchase decisions easy by providing budget projections. Delivering short and long term budget forecasts in these meetings turn the conversation from “if” they are going to spend the money to “when.”

5. Retention:

Oddly enough the same conversation that generates revenue for your business will help retain their business. Through the business review process, identifying areas of need with an assessment, aligning technology projects to solve those needs and showing their ROI at the follow up cement the trusted partner relationship.

  1. Referral:

At this point you have a raving fan! Your closure at your QBR is the time to get a referral. Ask the question: Did this provide value today? (If the answer is no, find out why and fix it immediately!) But, when they answer is yes, tell them you value their business and enjoy helping others in the community grow. Then make the ask: Do you know any other businesses in the area that might appreciate or need our services? Would you be willing to make an introduction?

The customer journey through the Pirate Metrics does not need to be fraught with rocky seas and treacherous tales. A consistent process and a trusted relationship can deliver value (the treasures). That’s the power of the QB”AAARRR”!

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